What do you specialize in?

Wedding and event decor rentals, wedding planning, and day of coordination. 


Do you have any packages? What are they?

We have packages for wedding planning and coordination. Please contact us if you're interested in pricing information. 
We do not have packages for rentals/decor set up. If you're interested in decor set up, please inquire with a detailed list of your needs and we'll be happy to give you a quote. 


Is delivery included in rental cost?

No. Delivery is an additional fee. 

Is set up included in the delivery cost?

Unfortunately, no. Set up cost is an additional fee which is based on an hourly rate and how much is needed to be decorated and transported.


Do you make custom items?

Yes! We love custom orders. If there is anything you want made that isn’t on our website, we’d be happy to work with you on it.


I’d like to rent this product, but you don’t have the quantity that I need.  Are you able to order/create more?

For the most part, yes. It all varies on each product, but we’d be more than happy to increase the quantity on most items. 


Aside from weddings, what other events are you willing to decorate?

Just about any event you could think of! Bridal/baby showers, birthday parties, anniversary parties, christening, graduation, business events, and so on. We're also happy to rent to photographers for photo shoots. 


Do you have any seasonal decor?

We’re currently in the process of building our seasonal decor. If there are specific items you’re looking for, please let us know and we can work on that for you.


There is a specific item that I’m looking for, but it’s not on your website. Do you have it or are you able to get it for me?

There are a few items that we have that are not on our website yet, so feel free to ask. It is possible that we can get or create the specific item you’re looking for. 


Can I add more items to my order even after I put down a deposit?

Yes, however an additional contract will have to be signed. 

Where do you hold your inventory? Do you have a shop?

Our inventory isn't at the point of completely taking over our homes yet, so for the time being most inventory is held at Kaitlyn's house. Kaitlyn is located in Ashaway, R.I. 

Can I see your inventory in person?

Yes! If we have other clients wanting to sneak-a-peak at inventory around the same time as you, we will set up a showing. At a showing, we will display all of our inventory. Hannah will bring her larger pieces to Kaitlyn's house and Kaitlyn will have all other items on display throughout her home. 

If no other customers are in need of a showing at that time, we can schedule a private visit, mainly focused on the items you're interested in. However, we will be more than happy to dig in to our storage for other items that you might possibly like.

Can you help me with ideas and inspiration?

Absolutely! We would love to help you.


Contact Us! 

We look forward to chatting with you!